PortShield to sponsor the 2019 European Environmental Ports Conference

March 25, 2019

PortShield is proud to announce that it will be sponsoring the 2019 European Environmental Ports Conference taking place in Antwerp.

The concept and the capabilities of the digital system (PortShield) were presented for the first time at the conference in 2018 and during the subsequent year the system has been developed to the point where we are actively seeking ports to run pilot projects with.

ACI announced Portshield’s sponsorship of the conference with the following press release:

ACI is excited to announce another confirmed sponsor for the European Environmental Ports Conference taking place on the 12th & 13th June in Antwerp, Belgium.


PortShield is a digital system that provides users with a risk assessment on likelihood of translocating species via hull fouling prior to arrival into port. By monitoring and managing the risk, hull-borne invasive aquatic species (IAS) introductions can be minimised or prevented. PortShield uses big data including environmental information and real-time vessel movements to determine the fouling challenge a vessel experiences. This data is combined with information on the vessel fouling prevention system and additional hull management measures (hull cleaning, dry-docking, etc) to produce an estimate of the risk a vessel may pose in terms of introducing hull-borne IAS. All vessels visiting ports can be benchmarked allowing authorities to manage and minimise associated biosecurity risks. Each Port/Port State can further customise the acceptable levels of risk and flag the relevant vessels.

Click here to view a copy of the latest 2019 European Environmental Ports Conference agenda.

Click here to view the conference website.

PortShield Presentation at ICMCF 2018

The team will be attending the 19th International Congress On Marine Corrosion And Fouling in Melbourne, Florida.

On Monday 25th June 2018 Richard Ramsden of AkzoNobel, on behalf of PortShield, will be giving the presentation Hull Invasive Species (HIS) risk assessment tool: Big data assessment of global shipping to provide port specific actionable insight to reduce the risk of transport of invasive species. This presentation will detail the background and methodology of this novel approach to early warning non-native species transportation, and potential applications for ports and the wider community.
For further information click the links below:

19th International Congress On Marine Corrosion And Fouling


European Environmental Ports Conference 2018

May 17, 2018 

Safinah was proud to support the European Environmental Ports Conference 2018 held over 16th-17th May in Antwerp, Belgium.
The Safinah Team attended the event which brought together senior representatives from the global port community and shipping companies, as well as environmental policy-makers, academic experts, consultants, and technology providers. Over the two day conference the key topics covered were:

  • Maintaining Compliance and Keeping up with Environmental Legislation
  • Tackling the Issue of Air Quality and Working Towards a Genuine Solution
  • Onshore Power Supply: A Potential Solution to Pollution
  • Improving Relationships with the Local Area
  • Key Practices in Removing Waste from Ports
  • Water Quality in Ports
  • Alternative Approaches and Ideas to Make Ports Greener
  • Environmental Strategies and Implementations Across all Sectors to Improve the Environment in Ports

Safinah used the event to introduce its new product PortShield, a web-based system that assesses the risk of hull-borne invasive aquatic species that a vessel poses prior to entry into Port.

To download the European Environmental Ports Conference 2018 agenda click the link below.

Download the EEPC-2018-Agenda (1.5mb)

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